This Is Why Your Business Needs A Sales Funnel

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To run a profitable business, it’s not enough to simply create a great product, you also need to attract and transform prospects into paying customers.

All successful businesses use a sales funnel strategy. It enables them to capture and nurture the attention of their audience. Although it is very simple, most entrepreneurs do not implement this strategy.

They either don’t understand how to attract people’s attention with content or they think that the best way is to shout as loud as they can about what they offer.

However, this strategy is not going to work in the long term. To make the most of your business, you must have a well-thought strategy that will attract people’s attention and transform them into paying customers.

In this article, we will be going through the benefits of implementing a sales funnel strategy for your business and how you can create one. So if you are interested in using this strategy for your business, read on.

What are sales funnels?

A sales funnel is a consumer-focused model that sequentially defines the sales process. When people are in the buying stage, they need to see your offers, give them attention and then take action.

So when you have a visitor that lands on your website or blog for the first time, you have to direct them towards action somehow. Once they take action, you will be able to nurture them with marketing campaigns to attract their attention and then they will become a paying customer.

How do sales funnels work?

Think of it as a pyramid!


At the bottom of the pyramid, there will be your visitors (potential customers) and your sales strategies like content marketing, social media engagement, search engine optimization, and email marketing.

In the middle of the pyramid, there will be your sales process like online courses, eCommerce products, webinars, and so on.

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At the top of the pyramid, there will be your customers who have bought from you multiple times.

This model works because your business needs to follow a sequence that leads to more conversions. Once implemented correctly, this strategy can help you turn leads into paying customers.

It is a simple yet very effective process that can be used by all kinds of businesses.

How do you create an effective sales funnel for your business?

Now that you know what sales funnels are and how they can benefit your business, it’s time to create one. Here are the necessary steps that you want to take.

Step 1: Identify your audience

The first step to follow when creating a sales funnel is to identify your audience. Look at the lifestyle of your audience, their preferences, and tastes. When you create content for your website or blog, pick topics that are relevant to them.

For example, if you want to attract golf lovers as your customers, then provide content that will interest them like learning about the best golf courses out there.

If you want to attract young business owners as your customers, then create content that will help them grow their businesses.

Step 2: Awareness building

Once your content marketing campaign is ready, it’s time to promote it. The promotion should be very targeted and the places where you want to begin should be a combination of digital and real-life mediums. You can also call it your marketing process.


So if you are targeting golf lovers, then you can broadcast your content on different social media platforms or forums where people who love golf hang out. You may also host a mini-event in the real world that will help spread awareness about your campaign.

Step 3: Building interest

Now that your audience is aware of your product or service, it’s time to start building interest. Your audience might have problems that they want to be solved.

Let’s say you are selling business solutions. You can then create an online course that will help them understand what you are offering and how it can benefit their business. Teach them your ideas so they can see the benefits of buying.

Step 4: Offer something that your customers can’t refuse

Once you have gained the interest of your audience, it’s time to move them towards the next step. If they are not ready to buy immediately, provide them with an offer that they will find irresistible.


For example, if you want people to subscribe to your online course, then give them some benefits like free access or even a discount coupon. If they like your offer, then you know that they are ready to take action.

Step 5: Taking action!

Now that you have followed all the previous steps of awareness building and interest creation, it’s time to ask for an action from your audience. Usually, offering them something of value is enough of a reason for people to take action.

It is also known as the nurturing process. Once you have started nurturing your leads, they will eventually get to a point where they know exactly what you are offering. At that moment, all you need to do is ask for the sale!

Step 6: Repeat process with new audiences!

It’s not over just yet. You need to understand that your business needs a constant influx of resources for you to be successful. Each time you want to sell, create a new sales funnel for your audience and repeat the process.

*Bonus step: Asking for feedback

Now that you’ve successfully sold your service or product, it’s time for you to ask them for feedback. This will help you understand ways that you can improve your service or product.

Also, it’ll not only help you showcase the quality of your product but will improve the chances of having returning customers.


So there you have it! The basic steps on how to create a sales funnel for your business. Once you create a successful sales funnel, you’ll notice that you’ll be able to get more clients and improve your business with time. Click here for the funnel that we recommend. Good luck!


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