How To Tell If Someone Is Rich

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You may have had a hunch when you sniffed the expensive perfume, but surely even you own a bottle or two of expensive perfume. So what is it that actually set her apart?

I am sure this conversation has gone through your head at least once and you have probably wondered, how can you tell if someone is rich? Here are 12 signs that someone is wealthy.

1. Their General Outlook

Having good teeth, great hair and nice skin is not only a sign of a good routine but also a sign that someone is quite wealthy. We all know how expensive taking care of your teeth, hair, and skin can get.


Not to mention it can also be quite tasking in some instances. A lot of people have routines that take a lot of time. Rich people also invest in very expensive procedures to keep their skin, hair, and teeth looking good.

From laser hair removal, chemical peels, skin injections to expensive teeth procedures that have them looking white and well-aligned, one has to be well pocketed to afford all these procedures.

Have you ever looked at someone and thought, ”Hmm, she looks rich”? I bet what made you think that was not only how they carried themselves but also their general outlook.

2. They Spend Money To Save Time

Rich people do not mind spending an extra buck if they know that it will save on time. Most people cut down on running costs to ensure they save some money but they end up losing more time in terms of labor or waiting periods.

spend money to save time

The rich are not afraid to hire extra help or to upgrade their equipment if they know that it will save them time. In the long run, it actually saves them money as well.

3. They Never Look at The Price Tag

Have you ever asked someone how much they bought an item and they said they didn’t know? And they genuinely did not know. It was probably a very rich person or just someone who really does not care much about spending.

Most rich people rarely look at the price tag. They know that once they need to buy something, they actually need it. So the cost becomes irrelevant at that point.

4. They Value Privacy Over Fame

This is quite evident of the rich people. Most of them usually do the most just to keep their lives private.

They move to more private neighborhoods, buy more private housing, roll the windows up while driving around and they even hire people and make them sign non-disclosures just to make sure no amount of information about them will ever be public.

long term value

Many rich people value privacy because privacy is exclusive. It also means not everyone has access to you or your life which can get hectic when you become rich. Others even do so because they do not want any jinxes in their lives or the evil eye from people.

5. They Are Private About Their Finances

One thing you will never find a rich person discussing carelessly is their finances. Whether they are struggling or not, this is not something that you will find them talking about.

If they do talk about it, they are doing it with the right people; their lawyers or financial advisors. Other than that they will never discuss these matters in the open.

6. They Never Complain About Money

Just like you would never find a rich person discussing their finances, you will also never find them complaining about money. They keep their opinions to themselves. You will never find them saying something is too expensive or too cheap.

They will gracefully participate in a purchase or decline. Their reasons well tucked within them. They also have money struggles here and there but they will never go around letting people know how they are going through a rough patch.

They gracefully go about the season with the right measures till it ends.

7. They Value Experiences Over Things

Rich people tend to have a preference for experiences over things. They usually pay top dollar to have certain once-in-a-lifetime experiences.


A great example is Jeff  Bezos’ trip to space. I am sure that there are so many people who would want to have such an experience but they would rather spend their money on something else.

That is the opposite for rich people. They love having new experiences to talk about.

8. They Have Proper Accessories

Rich people have the right gadgets and accessories that make them stand out. They invest the right amount of money to have proper accessories.

apple products

From phones, cameras, eyewear, jewelry, watches to laptops, and car accessories, these items make rich people stand out exceptionally.

9. They Understand Financial and Legal Lingo

Some of us have probably only heard financial and legal lingo from school or tv shows. We might probably even not know what they mean.

Rich people understand financial and legal language and they make sure to update themselves with information concerning these matters frequently.

They also easily converse and use legal and financial terms. This makes them stand out and also makes them look well educated or informed.

10. They Work, Even If They Do Not Have To

You might think that once you get rich you will never want to work again. While this actually happens, most rich people work even if they do not have to.

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Many of the top billionaires today still have jobs that they actually wake up to go to. For them, it is an additional source of income and also a way to keep an active role in life.

Some rich people even offer to volunteer and run charity programs just because they would like their time and money to go into something beneficial and useful.

11. They Speak Distinct Languages That Are Not In Their Background

Rich people know more than one language. They make a point of learning extra languages that are not in their background. This is not only limited to conventional French, Spanish, and English.

foreign languages

A lot of rich people are taking other languages such as Arabic, Swahili, or even Portuguese.

12. They Lack Generic Skills Because They Never Had To Deal with them

Rich people generally lack generic skills. This is especially true for the rich people that have grown up in money. They may not know how to fill forms or even drive because some of these tasks were or are carried out by other people.


It is easy to spot a rich person in a place that is filled with activities to do because they may hesitate to do them or they may do the activities clumsily.

Not to mention they may lack basic life skills such as cooking or even cleaning. Of course, not all rich people are terrible cooks. Some even go to advanced schools to learn these skills. However, it may not come as naturally to them as it does to others.

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